First class to your kitchen, please!

Aren’t we all wondering what is cooking in the pots all over this world?

And how they make it happen that everything is SO tasty and wonderful with often minimal equipment?  (i am just saying soup kitchen in Vietnam? street crepes in France? a massive indian feast served straight from grandmas woodfire stove? )

I want to take you on a journey that will show you how to cook different cuisines in your own kitchen with very little experience – I will be cautious of your budget and time and will also keep in mind to whom you may cater for.

This Idea is ‘cooking’ in my head for a while – actually since I went to Barnes and Noble and browsed through a few different cookbooks. I wanted them all!! But only for this 3 or 5 recipes to try and then have them sit on the shelf and all that for $35 a book.

Honestly – I can’t afford that! Or maybe I could, but I could not explain to my Husband why I just spent $150 on 5 Cookbooks…

All I was thinking was – there has to be another way to have all the easy favorites in one book or blog – and HERE WE ARE!!

Soon this will be your favorite site to use when you have dinner parties, candlelight dinners with your Hubby, family night dinner with the children, dinner with the unadventurous inlaws or parents or just simply treating yourself to some fantastic and exotic but still easy to make dishes! All I ask you is: Have an open mind and an open Pallet!!

More coming soon – it’s still in the oven 😉