Pizza Muffin Bites

Hello there… It has been a while…

The summer was long and very active – we traveled a bunch and now I am actually glad to be back home. In my newly renovated house with my newly renovated kitchen and my large fridge and pantry. I love traveling but it gets old with children when you are trying to keep a schedule and not only feed them junk food all day long.

Now with school starting we are finally back into a well balanced routine and it’s time to start thinking about school lunches – again. This always turns out to be a challenge for me – and I bet for all other moms out there as well – but I am (still) full of energy to face it!

This year I have two kids in school and they are both very different from what they like to eat and snack – which is an extra challenge.

Also my younger daughter has a severe peanut allergy and is in a classroom that does NO nut products – that means to also cut out the substitutes for peanut allergy we always use like almond butter, nut crackers, pistachios, cashews, almond milk and so on… so quite a reduced diet for my child that other than starch and cheese only eats meat and nuts…. no problem I say – lets give them Pizza!! But the healthy kind! Homemade and fun in muffin shapes…

Pizza Muffin Bites

makes 10 small muffins – prep time: 5 min – Cook time: 20 min


one thin Pizza dough

favorite Pizzasauce

organic Mozarella cheese

ham, olives, mushroom, spinach, brokkoli – anything your kids like on pizza!

I use a silicon muffin form that make adult bite size muffins – this cooks faster, cools faster and is easier to eat for their little hands and mouthes.

oil the little muffin holes with some olive oil

cut little circles with the top of a glass out of the pizza dough and push it in the muffin opening

add one spoon of your favorite pizza sauce to each of them

add a pinch of cheese

(add ham, olives, mushrooms or any other topping if you like)

now use the leftover pizza dough and put it on top of the little muffins (we do not like to throw that stuff away 😉 – spray some olive oil on top and put it in the oven at 400F for 15-20 minutes

let completely cool before packing them in a airtight container – keep in the  fridge or freezer to defrost the night before for school lunch!