clean out the pantry challenge

It’s January and we all have taken a small step into the year of 2017.. We have achieved, played, lost and started again.. doesn’t need a whole year to get there – we all have our hopes and dreams for this year and maybe even created our own little challenges..

The no smoking challenge, less booze challenge, no junk food challenge, spend less money challenge… I have thought about it all… maybe not the no smoking one as I don’t smoke but I think I covered basically everything else. Then I realized what my personal achilles heel is and what I would like to change, so I am about to start the pantry Challenge.

This may sound familiar to you: going to the grocery store, buying your fruit and veggies, meats and then it comes to the aisles where I always overbuy… International food, grains, beans, snacks, nuts,… – my shopping list turns into my mothers voice telling me to keep focusing while my eyes wander the aisles in search for interesting products. But I can easily convince myself – every time – to buy a few more cans of beans (because they are healthy and we should eat more of them), more cans of crushed tomatoes, the new rice and grain mix, veggie pasta, more dried mushrooms… and there we are.. back in my kitchen I am trying to cram in the 14th can of pinto beans, the 7th packet of ancient grain and rice mix, some more kennel corn, spice blends and and and…

We recently moved out of our house which meant to clean out the whole kitchen, freezer and pantry and gosh I tell you – I had a lot of expired cans and other products that went straight into the trashcan!

How sad! So I have set myself the one week


Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

and these are the rules:

I am only allowed to buy fresh fruit and veggies and 2 different kinds of meat as well as one choice of fish and everything else has to come from my kitchen cabinets!

You think it sounds doable?  Then pick up the challenge and clean out your food overload! Don’t forget to post your own fun and crazy recipes in the comments below! I would be curious how and what you are concocting in your kitchen!

Ready – set – GO!!


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  1. Theresa McClure · January 13, 2017

    Love this challenge!! Thanks for sharing!

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