It is nothing bundt delicious! Marmorgugelhupf – Marble bundt cake

I hope y’all had a very festive and wonderful holiday season! We had a very busy one this year – not only we wanted to spend Christmas still in our own home also we wanted to move out a few days later to get our renovations starting.. All of that meant we had Christmas – boom – then we had to pack all the boxes – boom – packed even more boxes – boom – emptied the house from all furniture – boom – and all of that with the kids out of school – Phuuh – not an easy job I tell ya!

I guess you can recall why my pots and pans had a break too – but now in a new year and in my new temporary beach habitat – also to mention a kitchen twice the size – I am picking up where I have left you last year and welcome back for the first post in 2017!

I guess everybody is done by now with eating their sugar cookies and flushing them down with some egg nogg. So it’s about time to concentrate on a less sweet dessert, but just as delicious – in my household also eaten for breakfast…


Marmorgugelhupf – Marble bundt cake

feeds: 12  – prep time: 20 min – cook time: 50 min

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200g/ 7oz butter (soft from outside)

100g/ 3.5oz powder sugar

100g/ 3.5oz sugar

4 egg yolk

4 egg whites

230g/ 8.1oz flour (I use 100g/3.5oz whole wheat and 130g/4.6oz white)

4 Tbsp coco powder (Nesquick or unsweet kind)

1 pkg vanilla sugar (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)

1 pinch of salt

butter and flour for the pan

Preheat your oven to 180C/ 350F

Use the butter paper where you have unwrapped the butter to butter the pan and then dust it with flour

Beat the egg whites with the sugar until they stiffen – set aside (if you do it this way around you don’t have to clean your beaters)

Now beat the butter (room temperature) with the icing sugar, the Vanilla sugar or extract and salt until fluffy – add egg yolks one by one – add the beaten egg whites – beat on minimum setting – add flour – beat on minimum setting until well mixed

put half of the batter into the cake tin

add cocoa to the rest of the batter and mix well – add it to the form and then swirl it with a thin tool like a kebap stick to get a nice marble finish

put on the middle rack for 50 minutes – then let cool and serve with some extra powder sugar

Tip: My daughters love this cake as a breakfast cake with some jam or apple cinnamon butter!



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