English Pub Grub – Bangers and Mash

It all started with a delayed flight and an hour spent at the airport bookstore… oh and the thought of some healthy entertainment on the weekend – of course – somewhere in the back of my head.. I started reading through a walking guide for London and I was intrigued by this simple way of combining sightseeing and culinary adventure with a healthy twist.. just like the lime in a Gin and Tonic! Finding these walking guides was a blessing and I put them to good use!

I really can’t decide which one I liked better… They are both well structured, have all the information on how to get to the starting point of the chosen walk and back and point out pubs for food and drinks on the way – just make a day out of it – it’s FUN!

Walking London by Andrew Duncan

The Rough Guide to Walks in London and the Southeast by Helena Smith

The city of London is a walkers paradise – living there, I spent hours walking the always slightly rainy streets of mostly east London with my partner and ending the day with a drink and dinner or lunch at a pub before we returned home.

Bonus: **One of our neighborhood pubs and favorite hangouts just got promoted to a Michelin star pub of the year – Congratulations The Marksman!! – It is well worth a visit my friends if you are planning a trip to the UK!

The Marksman pub

English Pubs usually serve comfort food and charcuterie platters besides bags of vinegar chips and salty nuts. Some of those Pub grub meals are fish and chips, Sunday Roast and Bangers and Mash. And what does feel better then a nice big bowl of sausage and mash smothered in gravy after coming in from the cold and drizzly air? Not much!

There are very many Sausage and Mash recipes out there – I am almost certain every family in England has their own recipe – this one is my style! A thick and sweet Gravy, mild Italian sausages and a creamy buttery mash! A Tastesplosion (I know that’s not really a word but it describes it best!!) I served this last night at my daughters birthday dinner for the whole family and it was well received, I say…

Bangers and Mash with sweet Onion Apple Gravy

feeds 8 – Prep time: 15min – Cook time: 30min

for the Mash:

6 medium Russets or Yukon Gold Potatoes – or 4 large baking potatoes

2 Tbsp Butter

1 cup of milk

salt to taste

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add peeled and cut (reduces cooking time) potatoes and cook until tender but still firm, about 20 minutes – drain. In a medium size saucepan heat butter and milk over low heat until butter is melted – add potatoes – using a potato masher slowly blend milk mixture into potatoes until it is smooth and creamy – add salt to taste (if the potatoes are cooked in salt water and already peeled they usually absorb enough salt to not have to add additional – I recommend tasting it before you add more….)

for the Sausages:

12 mild Italian sausages (store brand – or any sausage you think your family and friends would prefer!)

In a large pot bring water to a boil – poke sausages a few times with a fork and add to the water – gently simmer for 10 min or until cooked through – transfer sausages to a baking sheet – spray or brush with some cooking oil and broil until browned on both sides – don’t forget to turn sausages around for even color.

After the sausages are all nice and brown I cut them into mouth size pieces – that makes it possible to serve this dish as one bowl with only a spoon or a fork! Put them into an oven dish and return to your oven to keep warm – there is enough leftover heat in your oven after broiling to keep the sausages warm without setting a temperature.

for the gravy:

2 large red onions or sweet onions – sliced

2 – 3 apples – peeled, cored and sliced

1 Tbsp butter

2 Tbsp sugar

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

2 Pkg of Knorr Au Jus Gravy Mix (as sausages don’t make a nice dripping it is impossible to make the gravy from scratch – I find this an easy and tasty alternative)

Melt the butter in a skillet and fry the onions on medium high heat until translucent (about 5 minutes) – add the sliced apples and fry another 5 minutes then add the vinegar and sugar reduce the heat and wait for the mix to caramelize – meanwhile make the Au Jus in a small pot according to instructions on the package – add 3/4 of the Gravy to the onion and apple mixture, stir well and take off the heat – add salt to taste

I leave the last bit of Gravy for the pickiest eater in my family – which wants no no onion nor apples no no…

Now grab a bowl – spoon in as much mash as you like, add some sausages and cover with gravy! Don’t forget your spoon! Dig in!



  1. Mike · December 14, 2016

    I like this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Annie · December 14, 2016

    Oooooh, it feels just like London today, Karo! This was good timing on a warm and savory delicious dinner idea!
    Thank you … you make everything sound so rich and divine!

    Liked by 1 person

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